Wordless and Wonderment

I’ve been avoiding writing recently.

And I’ve also been thinking about writing about my legs – that idea took hold in a way I never expected it to.

And I think it all has to do with finally understanding that the answers to how to live, grow and heal do not lie in my head. My brain does not have the solutions to the problems it causes. Words are not my answer.

So, what does this space look like when I express a more embodied set of reflections on this strange old life? Something that is not just brain-food. Something more like embodied presence. I’m thinking of Ekhart Tolle. I’m thinking of a place which maybe has no answers, but still has everything I need. Because that’s how I experience presence when I do.

To be honest, there is a whole lot of silence.

Not the bad kind (not empty, hollow, or lonely).

More like peaceful, quiet and open. Open to possibility. At peace with what is. Space to simply observe. To make room for wonder as Liz Gilbert writes about in her wonderful book Big Magic. (Where was this book when I was making all of my major life decisions? How is it I have learnt the hard way what she seems to have understood right from the start?)

Anyway, I created this piece/painting (below) earlier this week.

And the wonder of the way I paint and make art is that it comes straight out of my hands – I don’t have to think about it, because – contrary to the emphasis society seems to put on thought, concept and all things “intellectual”, my hands are much more intuitive, creative and clever than my brain has ever been, or ever will be. They seem to possess a kind of embodied intelligence – which I suspect all true intelligence is.

So, in the spirit of embodiment, space and wonder – this is What it all comes down to.

Which is – wonder-fully – whatever you wish it to be. I ask only that you don’t think about it too much.

Maybe feel it – maybe in your legs. Which, it seems to me, are as good as any part of ourselves for understanding this strange old life.

What it all comes down to, acrylic, oil pastel and milliput on canvas, 24x30cm


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