The Uncarved Block (or the knotted chain)

Is it the Law of Chaos that means that if you leave a chain necklace alone for even a short time it will somehow get itself into a terrible tangle? All by itself. And is the Law of Chaos even a law?

And I know that chains are not living things. But even they, in their metallic stasis, are subject to change and movement – and chaos.

And, unlike me, my chain doesn’t fight that chaos.

And I can’t help but wonder – as I spend far too many minutes of my morning attempting to detangle my chain – what might happen if I surrendered to the chaos that cultures and societies, since the beginning of time, have tried to keep out, make taboo, control, and tame.

My chain, I guess, would become like the uncarved block of Taoist thought. Still there – but totally useless.

And me too – in a state of chaos (and God knows I’m almost there anyway half the time) – still here, but totally useless?

Which brings me to the question of useful for what?

Who decided that useful was a worthy cause?

I mean, what if I put my tangled chain in a museum and called it The Uncarved Block? And what if my chain became even more valuable there, because of all the new thoughts it was making people have?

And what if I, too, could become even more valuable in a state of innate chaos and uselessness?

And what if “useful” has been the most useless concept in the history of human thought, helping us to forget our intrinsic worth as we measure, instead, how useful we are to a society that may – or may not – care about us at all?

What if useful is a chain we have constructed all for ourselves?

I think I prefer mine in knots.


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