Kaleidoscopic Life

It’s been a funny old week. My diagnosis, an armed gang attempting to break through my next door neighbour’s door and, through it all, my daughter’s apparent oblivion and continued joy in life and the world around her.

A veritable hodgepodge of experiences. Kaleidoscopic perhaps – same world, same day, different people, different viewpoints.

But something that really stands out and burns bright for me this week is the email I received in response to my last blog post.

‘…sorry to hear you expressing regret about your mothering Amelie radiates good health, joy, balance – babies can’t lie or put on a brave face... it’s all the more remarkable testament to your mothering that she is the way she is, despite these challenges.

And there are all the other people this week who have also told me how remarkably happy my baby is.

Other people’s perspective can be such a gift. A case of shaking the kaleidoscope and watching the pieces resettle into something more beautiful.


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