There’s a giant spider’s web in the garden. I only discovered it after I got my head caught in it. I couldn’t believe it was there – a long, uber-strong, almost invisible thread that stretched from one end of the garden to the other. And in the middle of the web that was in the middle of the thread was a small spider.

It turns out that spiders complete this feat of magical engineering using the wind. They literally allow themselves to be carried on the breeze to wherever it takes them and attach the end of their thread to wherever that is. And then they have a line – like a washing line – on which to build their home.

In awe of the beauty and genius of it all, I went deeper into a meditation to connect with the spider, asking her if she was here to teach me something.

And she told me she was here to show me the miracles of patience and of beauty, and to tell me to trust the breeze – to go with the wind, wherever it may take me.

And, finally,

‘From small things, big things may come.’

A being who understands, innately, that her ability to create her own world and remain at the centre of it is not dependent on her size, her brain (or lack of it), or her strength, but rather her ability to blow and go with the winds.

With my significantly bigger brain and with many more years in the world behind me, this is something I am only just learning.






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New mum, old soul... Finding beauty, wisdom, spirituality, and opportunities for learning in the everyday (hopefully)...

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