The Beauty the World is Lacking…

I have been overwhelmed by two things recently.

One is what I see as the surfacing of the shadow in the world – everywhere I go, I feel confronted by it in different ways – it’s like it’s not even trying to hide itself anymore.

The second is the fervent desire to create beauty – to balance the shadow.

But it’s funny the relationship I have with the creation of beauty. Because I nearly always come back to thinking that it is something that already exists – that there is no need to create it. I only have to look at a flower in bloom to know and to see this.

I feel a little bit Taoist – I think I feel that the uncarved block is best left uncarved – that whatever exists, potentially, within it, need not be carved out.

That to define and carve out something is, ultimately, limiting. We lose the potential. We lose infinity.

As if the block serves us best as a mirror onto which we each may project whatever it is we wish, or need, to see emerge from it.

Because, really, I think, we are the beauty that we wish to see in the world.

But most of us haven’t fully seen, or discovered, that for ourselves yet.

Because, when I tell myself I desire to create beauty, what I really mean is that I desire to add to the love, the peace and the harmony that is in the world – and that I think I must create something new in order to do that.

What if I – what if we – don’t? What if we are each the beauty and the light that we think that the world is lacking?

I know that this is true, because when my baby smiles, the world smiles with her – I see her literally bring joy to others through her own joy.

She is the beauty the world is lacking. So then I think – I realise – that I – that everyone else – is too.







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New mum, old soul... Finding beauty, wisdom, spirituality, and opportunities for learning in the everyday (hopefully)...

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