Life – a Prayer

I’ve been thinking about prayer.

I was inspired to start praying today – a sort of invitation to healing and happiness in which all I have to do is invite. I feel I’ve done enough chasing – things, desires and people – in my life. It’s not worked out so well. So I’m going to start staying still. Try an invitation instead.

My husband doesn’t believe in the idea of prayer – he doesn’t believe that there might be something greater than our own selves to pray to. My husband believes in the work – or art – of living.

He has a point.

But, nevertheless, on entering the women’s toilet in the Palais de Justice (we are in Paris for our anniversary) the message on the inside of the toilet door was quite clear:


(This was after said conversation about praying. Someone else might have seen the question here rather than the command, but we see what we want to see.)

So, later, I was meditating on the practice of prayer – what this might mean for me – and I heard that life is a prayer.

And if prayer is an invitation to Divinity – or the deeper part of ourselves – to come into our lives in some way – to connect with us – then that’s an invitation I can make anytime, anywhere, all the time. Who says prayer needs a beginning and an end?

And now I am awake with my head in my husband’s lap, the large glass door on our fifth floor apartment open to the sounds of the Marais and the background noise of the city. A cool breeze drifts in after the mugginess of the day. And I’m inviting Divinity in. I feel very connected – to everything. It’s something like peace, or maybe a new love.

So, I’m making an open invitation to Divinity – to stay all night and the day after too…

I’m praying. And I’m living. And it’s true. They can be one and the same.





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