The Magician

There is a magic in being told a story.

My local dry cleaner has been sharing stories with me.

His own – and that of others.

His own is one of hardship, risk, courage and, ultimately, success.

The others have to do with strange underwear and kinky jobs that I didn’t even know existed. (Who knew that people paid people for entire afternoons just to watch them get dressed and undressed – in seven different layers of clothing?) Anyway – the lady in question needs a dry cleaner, and my man is he.

I could tell you my dry cleaner’s story here too, but this isn’t really about the stories themselves.

I have learnt, my dry cleaner tells me, never to judge people by their looks.

And suddenly I realised what a treasure chest this man’s work is – the people he meets, the clothes they wear and the more truthful stories the clothes tell about their wearers than the wearers will ever tell of themselves.

It’s lonely sometimes – living in London, as a mum of a young child – even surrounded by friends. We have lost “the village” – we have lost our sense of being part of a community. Something solid, dependable, and role-defining. Something that we are a part of all the time, whether we like it, or not. A constant feeling of connectedness. Which isn’t there.

But there it was suddenly – between us – a community of two, bound by the secret knowledge of some of London’s strangest underwear.

And, in that, was the pure magic of connectedness and everything that that can do.


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New mum, old soul… Finding beauty, wisdom, spirituality, and opportunities for learning in the everyday (hopefully)…

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