A Secret, Sacred Perfume


For the second time in recent months, I have been sent a virtual flower. Both still alive and blooming in friends’ gardens. Special not just in their particular beauty, but in the pleasure they were giving my friends that day.

These virtual flowers touch me in ways cut flowers don’t. They embody the fact that someone happened to see something beautiful – and then thought of me. They are the act of sharing beauty – with me in particular on that day – for no reason other than that of friendship and love. They are all essence – the beauty of the flower, the love between people – and, by way of their virtuality, their beauty is immortalised.

Beauty becomes so intertwined with the love in the thought behind the gift that the beauty of the flower and the love behind the gift are no longer distinguishable.

I carry these beautiful virtual flowers round with me all day like charms, or a secret, sacred perfume. An energy of something intangible, but fundamental. It is the beauty of love.



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New mum, old soul... Finding beauty, wisdom, spirituality, and opportunities for learning in the everyday (hopefully)...

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