Starting with myself

I am starting to be and feel seen… Not for who I thought I needed, or ought, to be, but for who I am and how I feel – and I am grateful for this.

But, even more importantly, I am recognising the fact that this process starts with me listening to and seeing myself. Far from feeling burdened by this, I realise that it is deeply empowering. To find that the source of love for oneself really does lie within. It feels as though it has been years of work – discovering and feeling my way into the reality of what has, up to now, been only an empty self-help catchphrase… Finding the source of love within me…

And I’m only just beginning to get going. But I really can feel something blossoming.

I have gone deeply within myself these last few months – maybe I will have to go further still. I have let down boundaries I didn’t know I had. Found things I thought were no longer there. Perhaps I still will.

We are taught to be positive, to be grateful and to be stoic – to get on with things. But it needs to be OK for things not to be OK – for us to look at the parts of ourselves that  hurt.

I am learning a deeper form of compassion for myself – and with it, I hope, for a larger “humanity”. But I am starting with me.


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New mum, old soul... Finding beauty, wisdom, spirituality, and opportunities for learning in the everyday (hopefully)...

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