And the Universe spoke…

I feel the need to write tonight.

I have felt confused, lost, overwhelmed, and terribly, terribly stuck. For those of an astrological bent, I have been “Mercury-in-retrograded” – big time. For everyone else – I’ve been having a bad time with Fibro, myself and Life generally.

Yesterday, I gave the Universe an ultimatum. It turns out that when I really demand, the Universe listens.

But the language of the Universe is a strange one. I guess it’s subtle enough to always leave us enough space for free will – for choice.

But – in a nutshell – I met someone, who told me something, which changed everything.

Call it accident, coincidence, or synchronicity, depending on where your world view lies. I, however, don’t believe in “coincidence”. I believe the Universe finally heard me. Or maybe I just shouted loud enough.

Or maybe I was ready to hear the Universe.

In retrospect, I think it may have been the latter.

So, I’ve met a lady, who’s told me something, which has changed everything – and now I think I can make the choice I decided I couldn’t make after all a few weeks ago. (See The Missing Link …and my about-turn the day after – Breasts, hands and general confusion.)

So now everything is coming together – the pieces of the puzzle are sliding into place. And when you feel it, you believe it – and then you can choose it. And you have to choose to heal.

That’s so hard to really understand until you’ve experienced it, I think – most of us think healing, change, or miracles happen to us. Today, (and not for the first time, but maybe for the most significant time) I am recognising myself as the miracle-maker.

And, as if the Universe is saying ‘Yes!‘ to this, my husband has (literally) just discovered our (suddenly no longer) invisible mouse while on the toilet, in the bathroom (of all the strange places for a mouse to want to be) – and he has bravely removed it from our home…

I have heard the mouse’s messages. I have heard the Universe speak. End of mouse in house.





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