I don’t want to play…

It happened in the healing yesterday – the voice of my inner child (and there’s no other way of describing it) – saying over and over as a ton of old “stuff” came up,

‘I don’t want to play anymore; I don’t want to play…’

And now she keeps saying it – or I keep hearing it. It feels heavy. And my body resonates – heavy, achy, stiff.

And I think about my daughter’s joy today as she experienced her first swing ride – my daughter who does want to play – to play with me.

What can I learn from her joy? How can I help my own inner child to play again?

I know the answer to this. I must hold her. And hold her. And love her. And love her. The way I have my daughter. Like a newborn. Trusting and hoping – without knowing – if she’ll be OK, if I’m doing it right… If one day she’ll be able to enjoy the swing ride too.

This doesn’t feel beautiful – my heart is too heavy still. But my inner knowing tells me that this is the closest I’ve been to wise.


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New mum, old soul... Finding beauty, wisdom, spirituality, and opportunities for learning in the everyday (hopefully)...

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