Turning Things to Gold – A Kind of Alchemy

Sitting in the bath, staring at the tiled wall of our hotel bathroom. And suddenly I notice, amidst the sea of grey hexagons, two almost randomly placed gold ones. Like jewels unearthed. Gold glistening and shining against a grey backdrop. And I realise that these tiles are like a metaphor for this blog – my life project.

I’m finding the gold in the greyness. And it is so vividly obvious here, on this wall, that the gold is so, so much more beautiful for the grey.

It’s sharper, clearer, more precious, and the isolated gold tiles seem imbued with hidden meaning and mystery. They are special.

And it seems to me, the more I look, that actually, maybe, the grey tiles are functioning primarily to offset these two gold ones. And this, too, seems pertinent. As if it is only in the contrast of things that I can truly experience them – that maybe I need the grey as much as I desire the gold…

P.S. Just gone back into the bathroom – turns out that the tiles aren’t actually gold at all. Some of them just reflect the light and look like they are – sometimes. But that fits too – that it all depends on how I look at the grey as to whether, or not, it’ll turn to gold.


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New mum, old soul... Finding beauty, wisdom, spirituality, and opportunities for learning in the everyday (hopefully)...

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