Welcome to my blog!

Part healing journey/spiritual project, part journal/creative piece and part (I hope) poetry in various forms, this blog has been inspired by my journey as a new mum coping with (sometimes more, sometimes less) mild Depression and Fibromyalgia (a bad post-natal flare-up 😦 ).

With a now six month old baby girl growing up in front of my very eyes and me still struggling to climb down the stairs most mornings, I just got tired of waiting to get well and to feel better… Life is happening now and I get to choose – to watch it pass me by, or to live it whatever the circumstances and however I may be feeling on a particular day. Not that that choice is always an easy one.

So this blog is also a Life project: the challenge I set myself is to find something wise, something beautiful, something enlightening, something healing, or something poetic each day and, through words and images, communicate that beauty in this space. And it’s my hope that these pages will reach readers and viewers also looking for the beauty, wisdom and even the divine in the everyday details of this strange old life we live…

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  1. It’s so hard to stay in touch long distance – I’m excited to follow your blog and keep up with the latest on your wonderful family!


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